We are a co-location company where you own the mining server and we host and maintain it for you. We are not an investment, broker, trader, or handler of securities or currencies.


To participate and facilitate in wealth creation by giving an opportunity to those who deserve it, helping countless people around the globe increase their holdings of digital assets.


To provide co-location hosting and access to world class mining equipment through third party suppliers in order to create a mining solution for you with low barrier of entry and high potential rewards. We make sure you are mining 24/7 with the lowest fixed costs in the industry to ensure you can mine without any of the headaches of doing it on your own.



Step 1 –   click on Sign Up on the homepage in order to get your Customer ID#  which you will need in order to select your preferred H.C.S.M.S. lease plan.

Step 2 –  Click on “Purchase” on the home page and select your preferred H.C.S.M.S. lease plan. Should you be providing your own mining machine, we require your equipment to meet our minimum industry standards for placement. Should you wish to purchase through our preferred vendors, select your preferred H.C.S.M.S. lease plan along side your preferred mining equipment.

Step 3 – Check out. Congratulations on your first step of becoming a Miner!

To fulfill our continued commitment to security and long term viability as a co-location company, we screen all new customers payments manually. We accept Bitcoin payments from US and international customers. For Canadian and US customers only, we also accept checks, cashiers checks, and major credit card companies. Message customer support on our live chat to request more information about your payment options should you reside in the US or Canada.

We offer industry leading equipment through our third party vendors allowing you access to equipment to mine multiple coins. Allow 2 weeks from point of sale for the equipment to get to our facilities and 2 weeks from point of receivership for the equipment to get plugged in for no additional cost, and 7 days for a formal handshake of your equipment with the blockchain.


We regularly run promotions that may include discounted HCSMS Lease options, Free Power periods, and or complimentary extended time durations.